New ProX Disc Brake Road Hubs Without Extremely Metallic Sound Feb 27, 2023
As cyclists, it's safe to say we obsess about the carbon bike wheels including wheels stiffness, weight and aerodynamic property etc. Sometimes we might ignore the hubs. Although the mechanical components are hidden in a hub shell, it's still the central to performance. 

A new arrival adds to ProX family of OEM disc hubs-ultra quick engagement road bike hub PX 34DB.

lightweight carbon bike hubs

Looking for quick engagement, solid build and affordable road hub? The new PX 34DB hub has all that. Good quality hubs are made by well selected hub manufacturer in Taiwan. It uses a 48-tooth drive ring at 4 degrees inside which is engaged by all four pawls at once. Each pawl has three teeth, giving a solid 12 points of contact to drive the hub forward. The road and gravel bikers can feel the most efficient driving performance from the riding feeling compared to regular hubs.
I think this hub won’t be extremely metallic in the sound while freehub is rotating. It’s smooth sounds without noisy. This is one of the features I love it besides its affordable price, lightweight and compact hub shape. 

The wheels series with ProX 34DB hubs will be launched soon. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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