ProX Custom Decal And Painting

We provide custom decal and custom painting service. You can either use our ProX decal, or use your own brand decal. With the customized decal for business, engaging people with your message is simple. Our designer can help to design the graphic if logo provided, and almost all Pantone color can be made.

If you'd like the rims/wheels with ProX decal, the recommended ProX logo options are as below. The additional cost is only US$10 per rim which is labor cost to apply the decal on the rims.

ProX decal design options

Below solid colors are the most popular Pantone colors for logo according to our sales record. They are the color options for ProX decal. It means 6 PROX decal patterns with 10 colors options.

Pantone Color Code Nickname Image Pantone Color Code Nickname Image
Pantone Yellow C Banana Yellow Pantone Yellow C Pantone 361C Grass Green Pantone 361C
Pantone 186C Ferrari Red Pantone 186C Pantone 2728C Vivid Blue Pantone 2728C
Pantone 151C Orange Pantone 151C Pantone 871C Metallic Gold Pantone 871C
Pantone 526C Grape Purple Pantone 526C Pantone 877C Metallic Silver Pantone 877C
White White white color decal Black Glossy Black Glossy Black Glossy

Matte decal are applied on the rim surface after the sanding process. Then it will be covered under a matte or glossy clear coat. In this case, the decal/logo can't be removed and is more durable. For the glossy decal, unremovable as well, it's applied after the coats and on the top of the rim surface. Black color is the most popular one for the glossy decal which is shining, luxurious but pretty low-key. The rim finish option is only matte for the glossy decal.
For the customized logo, please email us a picture, vector diagram if possible, or describe your ideal graphics to get decal file and decal cost. The additional decal fee is charged based on decal type and how many color that used. One sheet of water decal can be used to make around max 10 pcs of rims. Water decal once made, can be kept for max 2 months. If decals not being applied on rims within 2 months, they will become fragile and be discarded.

In addition to regular water decals, ProX is also able to make some premium decals by special manufacturing technology to meet brands needs. The cost of such special decals is much higher than regular water decals, and the MOQ is 10 pcs of rims to make such special decals. 

Pantone Color Code Image
Brushed Silver Brushed Silver decal
Chameleon Effect Gold Chameleon Effect Gold decal
Gilding Gold Gilding Gold decal

The rims/wheels with decals will be freshly made after receiving customers’ order and the regular lead time is 12~15 working days roughly.

Go with unique logo(ProX logo/your own company logo/personal logo) on the wheels, we are ready to serve you.

carbon bike wheels decal ProX Carbon brand

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