ProX Carbon Bike Rim Production

A1: Carbon pre-preg Cutting

For most of carbon rims, Toray T700 carbon fiber pre-preg is used, and Toray T800 carbon fiber is used to make super light carbon rims.

In year 2019, we adopot new graphene filling technology to produce our MTB carbon rims (GP series).

Graphene filling pre-preg helps to improve the strengh of carbon rims.

If keep weight unchanged, the strength can be improved about 20%. If keep strength unchanged, the weight can be reduced about 20%.

We use precise machine to cut the pre-preg needed to produce different catagory of carbon rims.

A2: Sort carbon pre-preg for different rims

During our lay-up design procedure, our engineer has calculated the number of layers that is needed for different catagory of rims.

After carbon pre-preg cut, they are sorted to be used for different carbon rims (Road, Gravel, MTB, Fatbike, BMX rims).

The worker will get a bundle of cut pre-preg with all material that needed to produce each specific carbon rims.

carbon pre-preg cutting and sorting

A3: Wrap carbon pre-preg on rim mould

After getting the cut pre-preg, our workers will wrap them on rim mould.

In thie procedure, they follow the detailed illustration which is provided by our R&D Dept. about how to apply each piece of carbon pre-preg.

In the illustration, the number of pre-preg, the position, and angle are all detailed instructed.

All new workers need to learn from skilled labors before they do it by themselves.

A4: Lay-up and 3D mandrel

As showed in picture (A4), 3D mandrel is used during material wrapping procedure.

The carbon pre-preg is wrapped on the 3D mandrel, so each layer will be solid and well attached to each other.

Besides, 3D mandrel help to make the inner surface of carbon rims smooth, which is important to guarantee strength and stability.

carbon pre-preg baking and curing

B1-B3: curing procedure

After layup is finished, the wrapped rim will be put into the mold.

Then the mold is put into curing machine, to be baked.

The airbag will be inflated to create air pressure, so the prepreg will be well attached to the smooth inner surface of mold.

So it is shaped with same shape as the mould that hold it.

After taking out from the mould, the rim is cured (become hard).

Then we need to sand the redundant resin which is around the rims.

carbon bike rim 4D automatic drilling

C1-C2: drilling procedure

After redundant resin and airbag removed from the raw rims, they will be moved for drilling.

We use precise 4D automatic drilling machine, which is accurate and efficient compared to traditional manual drilling.

As picture (C2) shows, the parameter is preset for different catagory of rims.

So same rim will be drilled in the same way as needed (16-18-20-24-28-32-36H).

Customized drilling can also be set based on customers' requirement.

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