Marble/UD/3k/12k Weave to Custom Carbon Bicycle Rims Mar 31, 2023

We produce carbon rims with different types of carbon fibers weaves: UD, 3k, 12k, marble under matte and glossy finish. They are widely used for carbon bicycle products in the current market.

As the name implies, Uni-Directional(UD), all of the fibers are oriented in the same direction. This gives fabric some high strength benefits. This is also the best advantage of UD carbon fibers. Marble weave is an aesthetic treatment just has a decorative effect.

3K means per 3,000 filaments in one set of "tow", 12K refers to 12,000 filaments. These weave patterns have overlapping fibers and with function like a spider web to filter excess resin inside of carbon fiber. 3K weave carbon fiber also reduce the risk of flaking on spoke holes while drilling.  That's the reason we apply all rims with UD fibers mainly inside to support and rim and 3K weave fibers around the spoke hole. For the different weave, it's only top layer of the rim. It makes almost no difference on rim strength and weight. In short, it is more about aesthetics instead performance.

There are three rim finishes options here: Matte, glossy and satin. Matte is most common in the market. Glossy is shining and luxurious. Satin is a kind of mix of matte and glossy.
Matte UD is the most popular with a moderate look. marble glossy distinguishes your bike from other regular ones, which make your bike unique and cool. Feel free to choose the weave you’d like and email us for more discussions.

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