Tips For Carbon Spokes Replacement Feb 05, 2024

Tips For Carbon Spokes Replacement

For most carbon bike wheels, the general maintenance procedures are cleaning, damage inspection, tire pressure checking, spoke tension checking and possible spokes/nipples repairing etc. Nowadays, carbon spokes wheels are getting more and more popular in the market. Some of the difference between carbon spoke wheel and regular wheel should also be noted, especially when assembling and disassembling spokes.
Due to the property of full carbon spokes, the thread locker glue is a must during wheels building. Otherwise it will become loose easily. That glue is applied directly to the thread on spoke end, which helps to fix the nipples on spokes firmly and greatly reduce the risk of loosing. Therefore, please use more torque when you try to move the nipples from the spokes.
For wheel builders, it is crucial to use proper tools while assembling and disassembling carbon wheelsets. For full carbon spoke wheelset, the recommended tools are as following:

Suitable tools for carbon spoke wheels
Tools showed in below picture (with a "X") are Not suitable for carbon spoke wheels. If such tools are used during full carbon spoke wheelset assembly or disassembly, the nipples/spokes will be damaged easily due to the overloaded force on them, because such tools are not able to provide enough stressed area.

Not suitable took for carbon spoke wheel

Here are a few tips on how to replace full carbon spokes on the wheels properly:

* Use the recommended wrench(3.4mm), hexagon(5.5mm) and thread locker (medium strength).

* Apply a little thread locker on spoke thread (only one side is enough).

* Get metal piece of spoke (at spoke end) stuck by wrench and nipples by hexagon. Note, make sure NOT fix carbon spokes at the upper (body) area.

* Hold spoke firmly by wrench and apply the torque on hexagon with anticlockwise direction to loosen it.

How to correctly loosen nipples from carbon spokes

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