ProX E-Bike Carbon Rims For E-Mountain Bike May 16, 2022

E-Mountain bikeshave found their way into more and more cyclists’ life. With the help of e-power, riders are able to adventure further and ride more aggressively.

However, with more components added (motor, battery, etc), the weight of e-bike is normally much heavier thanregular bikes, which means more workload on the wheels.

Thus, carbon rims for E-MTB should be of better strength and impact resistance than regular carbon MTB rims.

ProX e-mtb carbon rims for e-mountain bike

ProX carbon rims for e-bike are with more layers of carbon pre-preg added to the whole rim and extra reinforcement for spoke hole area. Applying the latest lay-up and manufacturing technology to make the rims stronger, stiffer and more durable.

To make sure our carbon rim are strong and safe enough to be used for e mountain bikes, we do strict UCI impact testings. The detail of such UCI impact testing can be found in below table.

ProX MTB Carbon Rims UCI Impact Test
Test Condition:
1. Falling mass: cylinder shape, weight 22.5kg, with solid rubber pad on the contact surface.
(rubber pad should be in good condition, 10mm thickness, Shore hardness A=50+/-5).
2. Fix built wheel (with no tire) on UCI impact testing machine.
3. Raise the falling mass to specific height from rim surface. (to reach different impact energy)
4. Release the mass, free fall to the rim (the position between two spoke holes).
5. Testing starts from height 272mm (60J), then to 317mm (70J)....until 544mm (120J).
6. Each height test for 2 times, and there should be no any crack or damage on the rim.
Impact Energy (Joule) 60J 70J 80J 90J 100J 110J 120J 130J
Testing Height (mm) 272 317 363 408 454 499 544 590
All Mountain OK OK OK OK OK
Enduro/Ebike OK OK OK OK OK OK OK

ProX supplies both 27.5er e-mtb carbon rim and 29er e-mtb carbon rims. The detail can be found in below table.

Model PRD737-EN/DH PMC937-EN PAD938-EN PAD940-EN
Terrain(Recommended) 27.5er Ebike/Enduro/Downhill 29er Ebike/Enduro 29er Ebike/Enduro 29er Ebike/Enduro
Material T700 T700 T700 T700
Weight(±15g) 520g 500g 490g 490g
Width 37mm 37mm 38mm 40mm
Rim Offset 0mm 3mm 3mm 3.5mm
ERD 559mm 604mm 584mm 584mm
Tire Size(Recommended) 650b*2.3''-2.8'' 29*2.3''-2.8'' 29*2.3''-2.8'' 29*2.35''-3.0''
Sectional Drawing 650b carbon ebike rims
29er carbon ebike rim low profile
29er carbon ebike rims 38mm width
29er carbon ebike rims 40mm width

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