Duty Free Shipping for Carbon Rims and Carbon Wheels! Apr 08, 2022

When buying carbon bike rims and carbon wheelset from China, you may ask, what shipping options do I have?

For big orders, normally ProX arrange shipping by sea or by air. If customers have their own freight forwarder, they can also ask their forwarder to pick parcels at our factory.

For small orders or sample orders, most customers prefer to choose shipping by express which is fast and convenient. ProX has been cooperating with several shipping companies for many years, and is offering competitive freight for EMS, UPS and DHL express.


In addition, we have our dominant shipping solution called DFS.

DFS is short for Duty Free Shipping. True to its name, if shipping by DFS, we pre-paid your customs duty, so you do not need pay any customs duty! At present, our DFS shipping can only reach 24 EU countries, that is Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

The regular delivery time (door-to-door delivery) of DFS is 12-21 days. The following picture shows how our DFS shipping solution works:

ProX Duty Free Shipping to EU Countries

The main procedures are:

1)ProX well pack your carbon rims and carbon wheels in sturdy cartons, then hand over to DFS company.

2)DFS company arrange air shipping to their agent in Germany and Netherlands, and they complete customs clearance and pre-pay customs duty there.

3)After customs clearance completed, DFS hand over cartons to DHL express.

4)DHL ship cartons to above mentioned 24 EU countries and deliver cartons to your hand.

Generally, you will receive the cartons in the same way as you did with regular express shipping (such as DHL, FedEx, etc). It is also door-to-door delivery.

The main difference is:

1)You do not need to pay any customs duty.

2)The tracking result will not be updated before cartons received by DFS agent in Netherlands and Germany. It will not be updated as frequently as regular express shipping. But once you see the tracking result updated, it means the cartons have finished customs clearance in Netherlands or Germany, and will reach your hand in the following 2-5 days.

The following picture is a standard tracking result of a DFS shipping that we shipped not long before.

As you can see, during the first 10 days, tracking result was not updated (it was on the way from China to Europe), when the tracking result updated, it only took 2 more days to reach customer’s hand.

So, if you choose our DFS shipping, you should know this. The tracking result may not be updated for many days, but the total delivery time (from ProX to your hand) is around 12-21 days. Thus, after we inform you that your order shipped, please just wait with patience, and prepare to sigh for it in 2-3 weeks. You can wait at home, the courier will bring cartons to your hand. You do not need to worry about customs clearance or customs duty (we pre-paid already).

If you are worried about high import duty of carbon bike rims and carbon bike wheels from China, just buy from ProX, with Duty Free Shipping!

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