• Bead Hook VS Hookless Rims
    Bead Hook VS Hookless Rims Jul 02, 2020
    Hookless rims have been the mainstream in MTB rims for several years. With the fast increasing demand for gravel bikes, the gravel rims and disc brake road rims are becoming wider and wider. Some people are considering if they should go for hookless for gravel rims. Most traditional road rims are designed with hooked bead. The main function of "hook" is that it helps to hold tire on the rim in ext...
  • Carbon Road Wheels Disc Brake VS Rim Brake
    Carbon Road Wheels Disc Brake VS Rim Brake Jun 07, 2021
    Since disc brake bikes are allowed to be used in UCI racing, disc brake has been the mainstream in the market. Some riders may doubt, should I go for disc brake or stick with rim brake? To answer this question, let’s compare the advantage and disadvantage between rim brake and disc brake carbon wheel. Generally, the main difference between disc brake and rim brake is where the force is applied. In...
  • Which Depth Of Road Bike Rim To Choose?
    Which Depth Of Road Bike Rim To Choose? Jun 29, 2021
    Which depth of road bike rim should I choose? This is a frequently asked question by new buyers. Generally, rim depth is a trade-off between weight and speed. - Shallow Rims (22-39mm) are lighter, easier for climbing and handling. - Middle Rims (40-59mm) are relatively all-round, not too heavy for climbing, while still fast on flat road. - Deep Rims (60mm+) are heavier, laboursome for climbing, bu...
  • Do you need ceramic bearings in carbon gravel wheels?
    Do you need ceramic bearings in carbon gravel wheels? Jul 07, 2021
    For many riders, the first concerns might be to improve aerodynamics or reduce weight on carbon bike wheels, while friction is usually an overlooked factor. Currently most of bike hubs are with regular bearings made from stainless steel, while our ProX 98DB disc hubs are equipped with ceramic bearings. The greatest advantage of ceramic bearings is lower rolling resistance. Because ceramic bearings...
  • Ideal Carbon Rims For E-MTB Wheels
    Ideal Carbon Rims For E-MTB Wheels Aug 18, 2021
    E-Mountain bikes are getting increasing popular during recent years. With motor and battery added, e-bikes are always heavier than regular bikes. Supported by extra e-powers, more riders tend to ride more aggressively (further, higher and faster). All these features of e-bikes add significant workload on the wheels, especially carbon wheels for E-MTB. To make sure our carbon rims strong, stiff and...

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