ProX New 28mm Width Full Disc Carbon Wheel UFO28-DISC Jan 05, 2022

In Time Trial, Triathlon and Track bikes, full disc wheel, 5-spoke and 3-spoke carbon wheels are widely used.

Compared to regular wheels, full disc carbon wheel is more aero and reduce turbulence significantly, which makes you faster.

photo from Tour De France

ProX full disc carbon wheel UFO28-DISC is with 28mm width which follows the new popular trend of road bikes.

28mm wide road carbon rims are common, but the option for 28mm wide full disc wheel is still limited.

28mm outer width, optimized aerodynamics for 700x28C and 700x30C tires (can fit even wider tires as well).

Similar as other ProX carbon road clincher wheels, our full disc clincher wheel is also tubeless compatible.

With PMI filled inside for this UFO disc wheel, it not only contributes impact resistance, but also stiffnessimprovement.

In the meantime, it helps to reduce possible noiseduringriding compared to hollowdesigndisc wheel.

The valve hole is on the non-drive side and equipped with a carbon cover(fixed by velcro inside).

It keeps valve clean and of better looking.More importantly, itreduces turbulenceand noise.
With innovative asymmetric design, slightly bulge wheel body on non-drive side and slightly sunken on drive side.

This difference would not be greatly obvious from the wheel side view, but greatly helps to balance the whole bike after assembling and reach better aerodynamics while riding.

ProX full disc carbon wheel UFO28-DISC features

UFO28-DISC full carbon disc wheel is optional in both disc brake and rim brake version, with UD and 3K Twill weave optional.

There are three hubs options forUFO28-DISC wheel, Vortex, DT240 and DT180 hubs. All of them are Shimano 11/12s or Sram 12s XDR freehub available.
- Vortex hubs: Good quality hubs made by well selected Chinese manufacturer, using Enduro bearings.
- DT240 EXP: High-end road hubs(designed with carbon shell on our full disc wheel).

- DT180 EXP: Pro racing road hubs(designed with carbon shell on our full disc wheel).

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