New Gravel Carbon Rims Feb 03, 2021

Gravel carbon rims are getting more and more popular during the past few years.

To meet the rapidly growing demand, ProX has developed different options of carbon gravel rims.

As showed in below table, there are three option in height (28mm, 33mm, 44mm).

And there is bead hook and hookless option for 33mm and 44mm.

The detail can be found in below table.

Model PCX28 PCX33 PZX33 PCX44 PZX44
Size 700C 700C 700C 700C 700C
Terrian(Recommended) Cyclocross/Gravel Cyclocross/Gravel Cyclocross/Gravel Cyclocross/Gravel Cyclocross/Gravel
Material T700+T800 T700+T800 T700+T800 T700+T800 T700+T800
Weight(±15g) 380g 400g 400g 430g 430g
Max Weight Limit 110kg/240lb 120kg/265lb 120kg/265lb 120kg/265lb 120kg/265lb
Depth 28mm 33mm 33mm 44mm 44mm
Sectional Drawing
Outer Width 29mm 28mm 28mm 28mm 28mm
Inner Width 21mm 21mm 23mm 21mm 23mm
Rim Offset 3mm 0mm 0mm 0mm 0mm
ERD 589mm 579mm 579mm 557mm 557mm
Rim Bead Hook Hook Hookless Hook Hookless
Tire Type Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher
Brake Type Disc Brake Disc Brake Disc Brake Disc Brake Disc Brake
Max Spoke Tension 130kgf 130kgf 130kgf 130kgf 130kgf
Max Tire Pressure 90psi/6.2bar 90psi/6.2bar 60psi/4.1bar 90psi/6.2bar 60psi/4.1bar
Tire Size(Recommended) 700*30C-50C 700*30C-50C 700*30C-50C 700*30C-50C 700*30C-50C

ProX also supply gravel carbon wheelset.

We have different hub options, including DT Swiss 240 EXP, DT Swiss 350S, ProX own mould 98DB, as well as Powerway hubs.

If you are interested in our gravel carbon rims or carbon wheelset, please contact us. We will get back to you very soon.

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