ProX Carbon Gravel Rims 700C Carbon Rims For Gravel And Cyclocross Bikes

The Cyclocross/Gravel rim series is 28~29mm width and 28mm/33/44mm depth.
The carbon road bike Cyclocross/Gravel rims are much wider, stronger and faster. Super light version rims(High quality carbon T700+T800) help you construct the lighter carbon bike.

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Gravel/cyclocross rim has a relatively low but wide feature. This enables you to mount extra wide tires. Now the deeper rims are launching with even 44mm depth-more rigid and perhaps allow for fewer spokes. The internal rim diameter will be somewhere between road wheels and MTB wheels, typically in around 21mm, to accommodate wider gravel tires. Our wider Gravel/cyclocross rims are required 700*30C-50C tires. The optimized layup leads to better strength compared road rims, which helps you conquer the tough terrain, particularly over long distances.


700C Gravel CX Carbon Bike Rims (tubeless ready)

Model  PCX28 PCX33 PZX33 PCX44 PZX44
Size 700C 700C 700C 700C 700C
Terrian(Recommended) Cyclocross/Gravel Cyclocross/Gravel Cyclocross/Gravel Cyclocross/Gravel Cyclocross/Gravel
Material T700+T800 T700+T800 T700+T800 T700+T800 T700+T800
Weight(±15g) 380g 400g 400g 430g 430g
Max Weight Limit 110kg/240lb 120kg/265lb 120kg/265lb 120kg/265lb 120kg/265lb
Depth 28mm 33mm 33mm 44mm 44mm
Sectional Drawing rim drawing of carbon gravel 28mm rim drawing of carbon gravel 33mm rim drawing of carbon gravel 33mm hookless rim drawing of carbon gravel 44mm rim drawing of carbon gravel 44mm hookless
Outer Width 29mm 28mm 28mm 28mm 28mm
Inner Width 21mm 21mm 23mm 21mm 23mm
Rim Offset  3mm 0mm 0mm 0mm 0mm
ERD 589mm 579mm 579mm 557mm 557mm
Rim Bead Hook Hook Hookless Hook Hookless
Tire Type Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher
Brake Type Disc Brake Disc Brake Disc Brake Disc Brake Disc Brake
Max Spoke Tension 130kgf  130kgf  130kgf  130kgf  130kgf 
Max Tire Pressure 90psi/6.2bar 90psi/6.2bar 60psi/4.1bar 90psi/6.2bar 60psi/4.1bar
Tire Size(Recommended) 700*30C-50C 700*30C-50C 700*30C-50C 700*30C-50C 700*30C-50C

Carbon Fiber Material

Carbon Fiber Material

Premium Toray T700 + T800 carbon fiber are used in our carbon rims. 

Combining with stable resin system to make consistent quality and light weight carbon gravel bike rims.

Light Weight

Light Weight

By using well designed lay-up structure, mixing Toray T700 and T800 carbon prepreg, light weight carbon rims are created.

Excessive materials are eliminated to save weight, while extra materials are added around spoke hole for reinforcement.

So, light weight is achieved without compromise in strength or stiffness.

Wider Inner Width

Wider Inner Width

Wider 21mm inner width, optimized for wide 700x30C-50C gravel bike tires.

Wider stance for tire, easy tire mounting and dismounting.

Better traction and cornering performance.

Aero U Shape

Aero U Shape

Wide U Shape carbon road rims are more aerodynamic than traditional V Shape road bike carbon rims. 

Besides, the stiffness and strength are also much better. 

Bead Lock

Bead Lock

There are small ridges on both side of rim channel called “bead lock”, which makes it easy for tubeless tire inflation.

Together with hooked bead to well lock the tire, prevent it from blowing out.

Tubeless Ready

Tubeless Ready

Tubeless tire is widely used in gravel bike wheels thanks to its better traction, lower rolling resistance and better riding comfort.

All our gravel carbon rims are tubeless ready (also fit normal tube tires), no matter bead hook or hookless model.

Optimized anti-burp bump design provides easy tire mounting, dismounting, as well as air inflation. 

Disc Brake

Disc Brake

Disc brake provides more sensitive and precise braking performance than rim brake.

All our carbon gravel rims are designed for disc brake use, no brake track. No “burning rim” worries during braking.

Specific carbon prepreg lay-up design for disc brake rims, longer durability and lighter weight.

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty

We have strict production management system, QC and Testing process. Our quality is always very good and reliable.

For all carbon rims and carbon wheels sold by ProX, 2 years’ quality warranty is offered (starting from the date of package being signed).

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