UCI Approved - ProX Carbon Bike Wheels Dec 15, 2022
We've got great news for everyone who is participating in UCI (Union Cyclist International) sanctioned races. ProX Carbon has been granted UCI approval for our carbon road bike wheels as below.

These wheels can be used in UCI sanctioned road events and they are now included in the List of UCI Approved Wheels (see Page 47) .

Take C52DB-URD28-450 wheels as example, the UCI Approval Certificate for ProX Wheels and more test info. can be found as below:

UCI Approval Certificate For ProX Carbon Wheel

Impact test is important for wheels to make sure the rim's impacting strength is qualified. It will require 4 times impact at a different position from a required impacting height. Different wheels would have different impacting height requirements.

UCI Wheel Impact Test Standard

  • Test method: Vertical drop test (neutralization of the rebound of the anvil)
  • Wheel: Wheel tested without tire.
  • Energy level: 40 Joules
  • Impact striker geometry: Flat steel anvil, the impact surface is covered with a silicone rubber pad of 20mm thickness, pad requires to be undamaged.
  • Impact mass: Range of 6 - 10kg. Energy must always remain at 40 Joules at the hit with a +/- 5% tolerance.
  • Hitting point: One hit at 90°from valve hole, adjusted to have the point between the spokes

Impact Test for Road wheel

Sample Rim

Model Inner/Outer Width Depth Weight Spoke Hole
URD28-450 21mm/28mm 45-50mm 480g 24H

Falling mass weight: 10kg

Test Results

Position No. Energy Height Hitting Points
#1 #2 #3 #4
1 40J 408mm

Apply 40J force, rim without any damage.

UCI Impact Test for road wheels

For our OEM & ODM wheelset customers, we also offer the service of providing required test videos and documents for the relevant UCI certification.
You can contact us directly by email (info@proxcarbon.com) or contact our sales representative.

Below picture will head you to our UCI-accredited carbon road wheels for more details.

UCI Approved Carbon Road Wheels

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