ProX Carbon MTB Wheelset DT240 Boost Mountain Bike Wheels

Asymmetrical MTB carbon 29er MTB wheels: high-end, lightweight, strong, durable and tubeless ready to meet your XC/AM/EN/DH riding.

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    240MB wheels
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We build the best cost-effective carbon bike wheels to improving the cycling experience. For the mountain 29er asymmetrical wheels series, the different rim design to meet your various XC/AM/EN/DH riding. The common ground is wide, asymmetric, lightweight, strong and durable which help you go up the steepest climbs and go down the rough descents with your own way. Whatever for professional bike racing or daily amateur riding, you can't go wrong with one of them.

It is hand-built by our skilled andprofessional MTB wheels builder, to make sure all bicycle wheels with standard roundness, lateral and center tolerance.


29ER or 650B/27.5 inch MTB Carbon Bicycle Wheelset (tubeless ready)

-Hub:DT240S Boost EXP ratchet(front 15*110mm TA/rear 12*148mm TA)

-Disc brake type: center lock or 6-bolt

-Rear Cassette Body: Shimano 11s, SRAM 11/12 XD driver, Shimano MicroSpline 12s

-Freehub System: Ratchet EXP 36 

-Type: straight pull
-Spoke Hole Count: front 28H/rear 28H

-Tire Type:Clincher/tubeless ready

-Spoke:Sapim CX-Ray

-Spoke Tension(recommended): ≤145kgf 

-Tire Pressure: 40psi max

-Warranty Year: 2 years

Carbon Mountain Bike Carbon Wheels with DT Swiss 240s Boost Hubs(tubeless ready) 

Model (29er) Rim Terrian  Outer Width Rim Offset  Hub Front Size Rear Size Spoke
Tire Size
240MB-PAD930-CX-Ray PAD930-XC Cross Country 30mm 2.6mm DT240 Boost EXP 15*110mm 12*148mm Sapim CX-Ray 29*2.0''-2.4'' 1333g
240MB-PAD930GP-CX-Ray PAD930-XC-GP Cross Country 30mm 2.6mm DT240 Boost EXP 15*110mm 12*148mm Sapim CX-Ray 29*2.0''-2.4'' 1233g
240MB-PAD933GP-CX-Ray PAD933-XC-GP Cross Country 33mm 3mm DT240 Boost EXP 15*110mm 12*148mm Sapim CX-Ray 29*2.1''-2.5'' 1293g
240MB-PAD933-CX-Ray PAD933-TR Trail 33mm 3mm DT240 Boost EXP 15*110mm 12*148mm Sapim CX-Ray 29*2.1''-2.5'' 1373g
240MB-PAD938-AM-CX-Ray PAD938-AM All Mountain 38mm 2.6mm DT240 Boost EXP 15*110mm 12*148mm Sapim CX-Ray 29*2.3''-2.8'' 1513g
DT240 Boost EXP
Sapim CX-Ray
240MB-PAD940-CX-Ray PAD940-EN Enduro 40mm 3.5mm DT240 Boost EXP 15*110mm 12*148mm Sapim CX-Ray 29*2.35''-3.0'' 1533g
Model (650B)
240MB-PRD736-AM--CX-Ray PRD736-AM All Mountain 36mm 0mm DT240 Boost EXP 15*110mm 12*148mm Sapim CX-Ray 650b*2.2''-2.6'' 1473g
240MB-PRD736-EN-CX-Ray PRD736-EN Enduro/E-bike 38mm 0mm DT240 Boost EXP 15*110mm 12*148mm Sapim CX-Ray 650b*2.2''-2.6'' 1533g

MTB Carbon Bike Rims

Rims PAD930-XC PAD930-XC-GP PAD933-XC-GP PAD933-TR


Max Weight Limit 120kg/265lb 100kg/220lb 100kg/220lb 120kg/265lb 120kg/265lb 120kg/265lb 120kg/265lb 120kg/265lb
Material T700 T700 + T800 + 


T700 + T800 +


T700 + T800 +


T700 T700 T700 T700
Sectional Drawing MTB carbon rim drawing of 30mm
MTB carbon rim drawing of 30mm wide
MTB carbon rim drawing of 33mm
MTB carbon rim drawing of 33mm wide
MTB carbon rim drawing of 38mm
MTB carbon rim e-bike
MTB carbon rim drawing of 40mm
MTB carbon rim drawing of 36mm 650B

Carbon Fiber Material

Carbon Fiber Material

Premium Toray T700 + T800 carbon fiber are used in our carbon rims. 

Besides, advanced graphene filling technology is used in producing our super light MTB carbon rims (GP model). 

Combining with stable resin system to make consistent quality and light weight mountain bike carbon rims.

Light Weight

Light Weight

By using well designed lay-up structure, mixing Toray T700 and T800 carbon prepreg, light weight carbon rims are created.

Excessive materials are eliminated to save weight, while extra materials are added around spoke hole for reinforcement.

So, light weight is achieved without compromise in strength or stiffness.

Asymmetric Design

Asymmetric Design

Asymmetric design mtb rims help to make wheelset with more even spoke tension between drive side and non-drive side.

Carbon mtb wheels built with asymmetric rims are of better stiffness and stability.

The spoke tension on such wheelset will not get loose easily, lower frequency for re-truing is needed.

Hookless Design

Hookless Design

Compared to bead hook rims, the sidewalls of hookless rims are thicker and stronger, providing better impact resistance.

Straight bead provides more stance for tire. Tires will not be squeezed in bead as it was, which makes it less "light bulb effect".

Thus, the tire/rim engagement is more stable, more difficult to be blown out under strong impact, which is important for carbon mtb rims.

Tubeless Ready

Tubeless Ready

Tubeless tire is getting popular in road bike wheels thanks to its better traction, lower rolling resistance and better riding comfort.

All our carbon clincher rims are tubeless ready (also fit normal tube tires).

Optimized anti-burp bump design provides easy tire mounting, dismounting, as well as air inflation. 

Hand Built

Hand Built

All our carbon wheelsets are hand built by experienced mechanician.

Based on customers’ demand, various choice of hubs, spokes and nipples are optional.

After wheel built, they are trued precisely at high standard (≤0.3mm) on roundness, lateral and center tolerance.

DT240 Boost Hubs

DT240 Boost Hubs

High end DT Swiss 240 EXP Boost hubs, light weight and reliable carbon mountain bike wheels for racing.

Ratchet EXP 36 freehub system provides best reliability. Straight spring and increased bearing distance creates longer lifetime.

15*110/12*148 boost spacing, with both 12-speed (Sram XD, Shimano MicroSpline) and 11-speed freehub optional.

Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

High end Sapim CX-Ray spokes, one of the best spokes available in the market.

CX-Ray spoke is the best combination of light weight, strength, flexibility, and it results in best fatigue testing.

It is widely used in many carbon bike wheels of those top brands all over the world. 

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty

We have strict production management system, QC and Testing process. Our quality is always very good and reliable.

For all carbon rims and carbon wheels sold by ProX, 2 years’ quality warranty is offered (starting from the date of package being signed).

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